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guitar guyThanks for visiting - and thanks for coming here to contact me.
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Why, you ask? Well I believe in sharing the music I compose. Since I decided to kick this musical endeavor up a notch, I really want to reach out to as many people as possible. Joining the mailing list will help me in this process.  The response has been fantastic.

Each month you will receive a copy of the calendar. In addition to that, you'll receive weekly updates on new bookings, special events and general information relating to music. 

All mailings are “SPAM FREE” and will always be sent as a blind-carbon-copy.  This is done to protect the anonymity of those on the mailing list.

As this project develops, you will be kept in the loop. I am really trying to establish a specific feel, relating to this music. It’s off to a great start!

Send me feedback
I would love to hear from you. Your input is very important to me. Tell me your thoughts on
the music, the website, my plaid pants, my shiny noggin or any other suggestions you may have.

Request more info - “have guitar - will travel”
Yes, this is true! I am willing to travel most anywhere. My services can provide wonderful, entertaining accompaniment to the following events: private parties, meditation groups, spiritual retreats, rehabilitation facilities, political functions, wedding functions, retirement parties, graduation celebrations, exercise classes or holiday parties.  These are just a few suggestions that relate to events I have performed at and continue to promote towards.

Do you have a gallery, restaurant, bar, coffee house, retreat bungalow, spa or catering facility? How about a relaxing afternoon of instrumental acoustic guitar at your community center?

All points bulletin: Berkeley, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Savannah, Vale. I am available for travel and will certainly negotiate all aspects of a potential trip. I believe this style of thought provoking, adult contemporary music has a place in the social, leisure, and therapeutic arena. Want to expand your entertainment calendar? Want to offer something unique to your patrons?  You can contact me by filling out the form below. 

I just wanted to buy your CD.
Simply click here and follow the directions. I greatly appreciate your support. 

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I will never sell or share your information with anyone - for any reason - ever.

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