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The following songs are a small sampling of a few original compositions.  Left click the hyperlinks below to listen - right click and scroll to "save target as," to download the track to your hard drive.  The first five samples are from my first album, Look What's Around.  The sixth sample contains the previous five tracks; which will run consecutively.

Delusion and Right to Left will be on my next album, Wonders of the DayDelusion has a percussion (djembe) track played by the amazingly talented Verryn Jennings.  His accompaniment really provides a true and naturally organic vibe. 
This take was performed live at Joe Carrano's home studio- it was definitely a "keeper!"

The WXCI 91.7 FM radio show was hosted by Nancy London. 
I was accompanied by the uniquely gifted Deborah Gillespie on flute. 
It was recorded on 03.12.03 and contains three live tracks- Melancholy, Delusion and Wonders of the Day.  There was also an interview conducted
throughout the program. 
The mix was directly from the board and no post-production has been done, as of yet.  With that being said, the mix could use a little tweaking; particularly the balance between flute and guitar.  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the program and songs.

Thank you for visiting my website and for taking the time to listen. 

Enjoy the day, Marc

A New Year (2.6mb)

Free to Wander (2.4mb)

Look What's Around (2.5mb)

Melancholy (3.8mb)

Real Time (2.9mb)

All five songs sampler (6.2mb)

Delusion (3.3mb)

Right to Left (3.4mb)

WXCI Radio Show (24mb)


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