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I independently released my first CD titled, "Look What's Around" in September '02.

My objective is to provide thought provoking adult contemporary music; as well as offer a nice relaxing atmosphere.

I believe that most people are too busy rushing through life and never take enough time to stop and smell the roses.

I've decided to take those words to heart and really start to appreciate the simple things.

There are 12 tracks on the disc, including two with percussion from CJ Johnston. Please click here for information on his present endeavor.

"Look What's Around" was recorded at Raw Recording Studio in Mahopac, NY. It was mixed and mastered by Jean-Christophe Santalis.

Please see the News Times review here.


Look What's Around CD cover
My next CD titled, Wonders of the Day, will explore a whole new direction.  It will have everything from tribal beats and Indian sitar influences, to deep Baroque tones and upbeat grooves. 

The whole recording is solely, finger-style and will utilize a number of additional instruments including:  flute, djimbe, tablas, saxophone and papoose. 

The artwork to the right was painted by Deborah Gillespie, who I have had the honor of performing with many times over.  She is an accomplished flutist and artist.

The painting was done last winter on a day where she and I got together to rehearse.  She basically stopped me in my shoes and said, there it is, your next album cover.
This painting will either be on the inside sleeve or on the back of the insert.  It was an idea she had, borrowing the name and feel of a new song I wrote titled, Red Onion Road.  It's just the coolest painting.    
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